You will need to bring the following items with you each day:
* Math Binder
* Loose leaf paper
* Textbook
* Extra Practice Book
* Calculator
* Pencils (2)

Grading Scale

93% - 100% = A

85% - 92% = B     ¬ Goal for ALL

77% - 84% = C

69% - 76% = D

68% and below = F


Grade Breakdown

Classwork and Participation......25%



Tests and Quizzes..................40%



Assignment Heading

All assignments should include this information in your heading on the top right side of the your paper:

            Students Name



            Assignment (page)


            Ms. Franczyk


            Sept. 3, 2012

            Practice 1.1 (p. 14)

Classroom Expectations

Use Pencil

We all make mistakes, and pencils allow us to fix them.

Use Loose-leaf Paper

All assignments should be done on loose-leaf paper. This will allow you to easily place all of your work in your binders. Only professional looking work will be accepted! This means the paper was not torn out of a notebook, it is not crumbled, and it is not dirty. 


?   If students are absent from class it is their responsibility to ensure that they have completed all of the missing assignments.

?   Check the ABSENT folders for any missing handout/assignments.  Students are also encouraged to check with a classmate who was in class to get the notes.

?   If you are absent the day before a quiz or exam, you will still be required to take the quiz or exam. An exam review is a privilege for being in class, not a right!

?   Quiz and exam make-ups will be given by appointment only!  You must make an appointment to take the make-up exam. If you are absent for a quiz or exam, expect to stay after school to make it up the first day you return.

?   If you are absent from school when a project/lab report is due, it is due the first day you return to school. Points will be subtracted from the final grade every day it is late!


?     Expect to have homework every night.

?     Each assignment will be done to the best of your ability. I expect you to attempt each question.

?     Students will receive credit for homework if it is completed on time and it is evident that effort was put into completing the assignment.

?     Homework will be checked for completion on a daily basis and can be graded randomly.


Above all else, I value student learning. For that reason, students will have the opportunity to correct and/or revise their work that they are unsatisfied with. With every formal assessment, you will have the opportunity to do test corrections, which will earn you points on your assessments. I encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity to bring up their grade.

  Academic Dishonesty  

Knowledge is too precious to steal.  Make sure everything that you turn in to me is your own work.  Please make sure that you understand that even "group work" should be your own.  Students caught cheating will receive no credit for that assignment

A meeting with student, principal and parents might be held in order to discuss consequences.


Every student has been assigned a number that corresponds to a textbook with the same number. Students will be responsible for replacing any stolen/lost/damaged textbooks.